Pisces And Leo Relationship Expectations

Pisces And Leo Relationship Expectations

The lion and the fish are a curious combination so we wanted to look at the Pisces and Leo compatibility. This couple is much more common than people think simply because Pisces feels protected against the inner strength of Leo and the latter is attracted to the sensitivity and mind of Pisces. Since the Pisces is capable of admiring and raising the lion to heights that no one else has, Leo will love to dominate the situation of everything and, Pisces will allow it as long as everything is going well. 

Are Pisces And Leo A Good Pairing? 

In short: 

Magically drawn to the mystery and gentle but seductive manners of Pisces, Leo will offer his/her protection and ease his/her fears. As a Pisces, you will be dizzyingly seduced by Leo’s sociable style and strength, putting him/her on a pedestal surrounding him/her with all that devotion that can hide his/her great capacity for manipulation.

However, problems can appear very soon. Pisces longs for a commitment that Leo may not be willing to make. Leo becomes impatient with Pisces’ mood swings and reveals a harsh and unpredictable temper that can cause him/her to flee.

A five-star sexual relationship will act as the mortar to build the relationship if the necessary building blocks exist: trust, patience, and mutual tolerance. And it’s worth it because Leo has the fire heart that you need.

Pisces and Leo Compatibility:

A Leo: 

  • Finds special attraction towards people who “seem” more fragile and more sensitive in terms of feelings. 
  • Wants to take care of the other, not to fight. 
  • Wants someone to complement, despite loving to argue. 
  • But in turn with the Pisces, this does not happen, unless Pisces feels that it has already pushed it to the limit.

A Pisces:

  • Loves to gets carried away, 
  • Does not mind being “dominated” a little as long as it is with affection. 
  • Prefers when the other can take the reins in matters in which he does not feel completely safe. 
  • Only at certain times will they try to dominate the lion. 
  • Doesn’t have a strong pride like the Leo 
  • Just flows 
  • If he adds value to the lion, he will do so without asking for anything in return. 
  • Nothing will be premeditated and everything will be sincere with them 
  • Wants tender care
  • Wants things as they are, 
  • Tends to be more protective and affectionate than Leo with the people they love.

While Pisces is ruled by Neptune, Leo is a Fire sign, fixed and governed by the sun. Nepute entails the planet of the absence of borders or of flight when being carried away by the tide. Both of them are looking for an ideal and exciting relationship. are dreams and fantasies, confusion or enchantment. But at the same time, the compatibility between Pisces and Leo can be difficult and emotionally demanding such as follows. 

Pisces And Leo Conflict:

There are some very strong but unstable energies at play in Pisces-Leo compatibility that put the long-term future of this relationship at risk. 

Pisces is a mutable water sign that brings their emotions to the surface and this is going to be a bit overwhelming at times for Leo, who will have a hard time not hurting Piscean sensibilities. Pisces wants his partner’s eyes to never stray to another person, so even if Leo socializes harmlessly, Pisces is going to feel uncomfortable with this. This can be a bit ironic because Pisces is one of the most affectionate and flirtatious of the zodiac, in fact, if there is someone here who is more likely to seek another partner, it will be Pisces. 

Leo is very loyal and it is not in his instinct to betray, for this reason, he seeks to control because he expects to receive the same loyalty that he has in his essence. This intense desire for Leo to control the relationship can create irreconcilable fractures if this desire grows and becomes suffocating and obsessive. The mix between the emotional insecurity of Pisces and the dominant control of Leo will be a poisonous combination that will generate many conflicts and can end up ruining this relationship.

Pisces And Leo Sexuality:

Leo and Pisces are very passionate and the sexual chemistry here will be intense, but possibly not long-lasting. Leo people have high libidos and are very passionate, which makes them like to be dominant in bed. At first, Pisces will feel good about this role, but over time they will want to change and this is where open and constant communication is very important. 

During the intimate encounter, it is good for Pisces to say flattering and beautiful things to Leo and clearly indicate to him that he is enjoying the sexual experience to the fullest. It is good that they cultivate that communication and thus it is clear that both are achieving the satisfaction they want. If not, they should look for alternatives to avoid falling into a routine and passion fades. Role-playing can help keep them excited. Pisces love fantasies, so they will enjoy this game very much and it will renew their sexual desire. 

Although for a while they will feel very compatible sexually, the moment will come when Leo is not tender enough for Pisces, who with the passing of the relationship will seek a deeper and more spiritual connection and this is where everything can collide and where the frustrations may appear.

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