Aries and Cancer Compatibility: Do The Ram and Crab Match?

Aries and Cancer Compatibility

Aries and Cancer compatibility traits are generally not conducive to a long-lasting romantic relationship. Sparks will certainly fly during the courtship stage, but the flames are meant to consume association like a burning house does. Let’s examine why.

Aries is a cardinal sign and Cancer is too, so there are usually some tensions in their relationship. They are generally like parallel poles that, as soon as they face each other, repel each other; it seems that they follow a law of a disparate nature, although it is also susceptible to exceptions. If it is necessary for them to work together, because if they have the option to decide, they may reject it, the competition will become their workhorse, and never better. 

They are very dominant people who do not usually give in favor of anyone, but they also love success, so there may be a small possibility of collaboration between the two.

On the sentimental level, they tend to behave in the same way: they always want what they want to be done, precisely for that reason, disputes will follow one another. In addition, they are people who have an amazing facility to hurt, and when Aries or Cancer feel damage, they never forget. In any case, there are invariably caveats that confirm the rule, and furthermore, if two people really love each other, they can bridge the distances that separate them from happiness, no matter how great.

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How Aries sees Cancer

At the first meeting, the Cancer personality appears to be quietly self-confident. Crabs are good at presenting this image. It is the shell that protects their considerably soft bellies. This outward appearance gives Aries the impression that they have found a solid partner who will allow them to take the initiative with full confidence and cooperation, only to later realize that there is an ultra-sensitive core at the heart of the Cancer personality.

How Cancer sees Aries

Aries typically see themselves as outgoing, secure in the knowledge of their considerable talents and strengths. This solid core attracts the Cancer personality like a moth to a flame. In a general way, Cancerians seek to strengthen themselves through such strong companions. Unfortunately, the Aries fire is often too hot to handle, and it will burn off Cancer’s confidence, leaving the relationship in the shadow of doubt. As most Cancerians know all too well, doubts are not the basis of the security they crave.

Fire + Water

Water and fire naturally tend to fight each other, however, when these two zodiac signs come together and each tries to understand and know the other better, the union will be enthusiastic and very creative.

But it is a somewhat unequal union since Cancer will go out of his/her way because Aries has everything and will pamper him/her like a teddy bear; Aries, seeing that degree of delivery on the part of the crab, could relax and show his/her more selfish side, which will cause more than one unnecessary confrontation, especially when both spend some time since the way of being and the emotional needs of both are totally different.

It is an interesting combination of elements, which can be positive, although possibly more as a friendship than as a long-term relationship, because the way of being and the emotional needs of these two signs are quite different.

In a serious relationship  

Cancer should continually try to keep up with Aries and get used to the extremely fast pace of this fire sign, while Aries should do everything possible not to get bored with the Cancer sign. Cancerians are often very demanding people – with themselves and with their partners.

Although both signs are cardinal and moving signs, indicating flexibility and movement in your life, Cancer is much more withdrawn and homey than Aries while Aries is more energetic and prone to making quick decisions. The continuous demands of Cancer can overwhelm Aries, who needs to go out and relate both in his/her professional life and in his/her personal life.

Real world challenges

Aries’ natural tendency to go after what they want makes it easier for normally cautious Cancerians to be swept up in an affair before they have had a chance to really consider the situation. It can be extremely flattering to find Aries’s bold attention focused on you. However, a relationship that begins with so much emotion can quickly fail as this couple gets to know each other better. This is where the cracks start to appear.

Penetrating the heart of Aries

It’s not that Aries doesn’t have deep emotions, they just don’t let themselves be completely ruled. Aries often live in the moment, carry where life takes them, and enjoy things while they last. It can be difficult for Cancer lovers to see the Aries within, and this can lead to an emotional disconnect that eventually chills passions.

Nurturing the Cancer psyche

In the long run, Aries will find it difficult to avoid trampling on Cancer’s feelings. Rams prefer to move on when they feel the need, and this can lead to a diplomatic crisis for this romantic couple. Cancerians need to know that Aries appreciates their thoughts and feelings, which are indeed important to Aries. Aries may find it difficult to live with Cancer’s need for emotional security and eventually lead this sensitive lover into the arms of someone more understanding. The experience can be quite exhausting for both of you.

Mismatched sexual energies

Good sexual relations, although Cancer may notice a lack of clarity on an emotional level and will need a less exhausting and more stable domestic life, than what many Aries are capable of offering.

When it comes to sensual romance, Aries and Cancer lovers are like night and day. Aries is all about explosive passion, and this sign approaches sex with gusto. On the other hand, Cancer feels that sexual love is an opportunity to express deeper emotions, an opportunity to exchange tender expressions of love. Cancer wants to be wrapped in a warm cocoon of love, while the Aries mindset is really more about enjoying physical pleasures together, even when the heart is engaged.

Cancer needs a commitment that many Aries can offer and is a much more emotional sign than Aries. This means that for a long-term relationship to work, Aries must be prepared to move slowly and with sensitivity. Aries can be an ideal match for shy and cautious Cancerians, as it can encourage them to take initiative and motivate them to explore other possibilities.

The most compatible Aries with the sign of Cancer are those born between March 21 and 30, while the most compatible Cancer with Aries is those born between July 3 and 13.

Relationship forecast

The prognosis for Aries and Cancer lovers is not particularly good. These signs actually operate on different emotional levels, Aries closer to the surface, Cancer significantly deeper. Can the couple work? Not without great effort on the part of both partners to understand where each comes from, and a dedicated effort to meet the other person’s needs. In the long run, both signs are likely to find compatibility that requires much less effort with other members of the zodiac.

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