Dreams About Being Pregnant: What Do They Mean?

Dreams About Being Pregnant

Dreams about being pregnant can happen to women at any age. Whether it’s dreaming of looking at yourself in a mirror or announcing the happy news to loved ones, what does a dream of pregnancy mean? At the same time, when we dream that we are pregnant, that does not necessarily mean that we want to have a child. In this article, we will decipher this dream for you according to your situation.

Dreams About Being Pregnant: A Symbolic Outlook

Dreams about being pregnant: something new insight

In many cases, a feeling of happiness is associated with the dream of pregnancy. Thinking that you are pregnant has a symbolic meaning: the development or completion of a project that is close to your heart, a change in life (moving, transfer, etc.), a new opportunity or new responsibilities, a new start, etc. In short, dreaming of being pregnant is synonymous with a change in your life.

During the dream, the pregnancy can be at different terms (first, second or third trimester), it can be carried to term, and end with childbirth, or in some cases with a miscarriage.

This pregnancy, which appears in a dream, often represents a new project or a phase of creativity. Miscarriage and the negative emotions associated with it may symbolize the abortion of this project and its failure. Childbirth and positive emotions, on the contrary, symbolize success, creativity, and the birth of oneself.

Dreams about being pregnant: what are the elements of the dream?

Very often positive, the dream deserves that we take into account all its elements, namely the scenario, the environment, the emotions felt. 

If we do not seem happy to be expecting a child, part of us is in transformation, and the other part is conversely in the desire not to change, to remain in the continuity of things.

The age of the dreamer is also important.

A certain dream psychoanalyst says: “At 30, we are full of projects; at 20, the dream can evoke discomfort, doubts about oneself or one’s life. ”

In some cases, the story experienced in the dream may be less positive and distressing for a while, such as dreams in which the baby is lost. If one remains concerned about the scenario, the psychoanalyst recommends consulting a therapist. 

The dream psychoanalyst also says that it can be about the failure of a project, and if you wake up it’s because the emotional load you feel is intense.

Finally, if a pregnant woman in reality has a nightmare during which the pregnancy goes badly, it can reveal her fears of bearing a child.

Dreams about being pregnant: when you want to have a child or when you are pregnant

For expectant mothers or women trying for babies, dreaming of having a baby is a parallel between a dream and reality. 

For pregnant women, it can mean that they can’t wait to meet their baby, but also that they have a little trepidation at the idea. Sometimes they will dream that they are having a miscarriage, a reflection of their fear in reality, or that their unborn baby is not human, which again relates to their anxieties about what to expect after birth. 

For those who are waiting to be pregnant, this dream can also mean that their desire for motherhood is getting more and more urgent. This can reveal their anxieties while expecting pregnancy, and what will happen afterwards.

When negative feelings are associated with dreaming about being pregnant, and especially when the dreamer dreams of having a miscarriage, it is often a characterization of the fear of seeing a project fail or something sort of negativity.

To dream of being pregnant is a dream that can come to women and men, at any age or time in life. It often reflects change, creativity, and rebirth. To dream of being pregnant can symbolize the need to give birth to something, whether it is a project or yourself. Point.

Dreams about being pregnant: features

Dreaming about being pregnant is not only for women as it has nothing to do with the desire to conceive, motherhood, or dreams during pregnancy. Men too can dream of being pregnant.

Whether in women or men, the dream of pregnancy is characterized by:

  • the development of a project, a personal or professional business;
  • creativity, imagination;
  • change, evolution;
  • a transition period;
  • an opportunity ;
  • new responsibilities;
  • a real desire for pregnancy;
  • birth literally and figuratively;
  • the productivity ;
  • generosity ;
  • a new start.

The emotions, the context, or even the other people present in the dream, make it possible to orient its meaning. 

Dreams similar to the dream of pregnancy are:

  • dream of the earth;
  • dream of a round object;
  • dreaming about breasts;
  • dreaming about another pregnant person;
  • dream of a child;
  • dreaming of childbirth 
  • miscarriage.

All dreams that integrate the symbolism of pregnancy and infancy can have the same meaning. In conclusion, dreams about being pregnant can also symbolize a project or a change in a different way.

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